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Lillah Fox

Lillah Fox was born in the fall of 1866, her parentage unknown, abandoned on the steps of an orphanage in New York. Lillah often told the story of her abandonment in a basket, along with a note which read: "Please love my baby Lillah. I would give the world to keep her!"

Although her start in life was not ideal, she became known as a medium at the tender age of 12. Giving messages from a soap box at the community hall that was in the same street as her orphanage.
Lillah Fox
Accounts differ as to the origin of her surname, but it was said that she used the name of Fox in an attempt to associate herself with the famous Fox Sisters and the Hydesville Rappings. It was also said that she was nicknamed Lillah Box, a reference to her having to stand on a soap box to be seen, which was eventually corrupted from Box to Fox.

But regardless of her motives she became known as a very gifted medium, drawing huge crowds of people to her demonstrations of mediumship. Lillah often adopted the accent of the spirit who she was communicating with, which made her evidence all the more convincing. Witnesses said that her voice sometimes became unnaturally deep or mimicked regional and foreign accents with great accuracy.

In 1883 Lillah Fox publicly predicted that her own death would take place in 1885, and she did indeed disappear in that year. There was no record of her body being found.

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