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Leslie Flint

Leslie Flint (1911-1994) was born in Hackney, Greater London. As a modern direct voice physical medium, Leslie's talent was captured on audio tape and saved for posterity. Many of the hundreds of Leslie Flint's direct voice séances, with spirits who were sometimes quite famous in their own lifetimes, were recorded and can still be heard on his official website. Leslie Flint
In order to bring forward spirits for direct voice, Leslie would sit in a dark room where the visiting spirits would form a voice box with ectoplasm outside of his body. The voice box would then vibrate in a similar fashion to physical vocal chords and produce an audible voice. While Leslie Flint did retain some influence over this process as the medium, the voices would have been totally independent.

In addition to his home demonstrations of direct voice mediumship, he also toured using a portable dark cabinet from which he was able to demonstrate to a wider audience. He also encountered many sceptics, some of whom tested Leslie's claims that the voices were discarnate spirits. Leslie allowed his mouth to be taped over with elastoplast, his hands were also bound, and in one case he held a measured amount of coloured water in his mouth, and he still was able to demonstate direct voice.

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