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The Fox Sisters

Widely regarded as the pioneers of modern Spiritualism, the Fox Sisters, Leah Fox (1814-1890), Margaretta Fox (1833-1893) and Kate Fox (1837-1892) were associated with the famous Hydesville Rappings of March 1848.

The two younger Fox sisters, Kate and Margaretta, started to experience strange noises and unexplained knockings or rappings in their house in Hydesville, New York.
The Fox Sisters
On the evening of the 31st March 1848, Kate and Margaretta Fox challenged the rappings to copy their clapping. The realisation that the source of the rappings was not only intelligent, but was also knowledgeable, inspired the Fox Sisters to establish codes of communication with the entity. It was later discovered that the entity was in fact the spirit of Charles B. Rosna, a murdered peddler who had been murdered and buried in the cellar of the house by a previous occupant.

By the end of 1849 the Fox Sisters were giving public performances of their mediumship which helped to spread Spiritualism across the United States and the rest of the world.

In November 1904 The Boston Journal reported that a skeleton, along with a pedlar's tin box, had been found buried in the cellar walls of the house in which the Fox Sisters had lived.

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