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Florence Cook

Florence Cook (1856 to 1904) was a physical medium born in the East End of London. As a child she claimed to hear the voices of angels, but her first notable encounter with the spirit world was at the age of 15, whilst experimenting with table tipping, she levitated off the ground. Encouraged by her mother, Florence started sitting regularly and was soon involved in other phenomena, including automatic writing. Florence Cook
She eventually began public demonstrations of her mediumship as well as her private séances. Sometimes overshadowed by a spirit called 'Katie King' who was alleged to be the daughter of Henry Morgan, the famous buccaneer. Later in 1872 Florence Cook started to attempt full materialisation of Katie King with some success. It was Sir William Crookes, who eventually witnessed and recorded the full materialisation of Katie King, where he proved Florence Cook's materialisation mediumship to be genuine.

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