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Estelle Roberts

Estelle Roberts (1889 to 1970) was born in Kensington, London, and was regarded as one of the most versatile mediums of her day. Although as a child she encountered spirits, Estelle Roberts did not start her development as a medium until she was in her thirties, using her clairvoyance and clairaudience to serve churches in South London and Surrey. She first became aware of her spirit guide 'Red Cloud' when she attended Hampton Hill Spiritualist church, where she attempted table tipping, and because nothing had happened, as she walked away, he hit her on her back with the table, as a sign for her not to give up. Estelle Roberts
Estelle later conducted many séances and demonstrated many different forms of mediumship, including physical materialisation and direct voice. In the 1950s Estelle was greatly instrumental in the legal recognition of Spiritualism by the British Government, by conducting a convincing demonstration of mediumship inside the House of Commons itself.

Maurice Barbanell, who was editor of Psychic News, once attended one of Estelle Roberts' séances, in which a female spirit spoke through an aluminium trumpet, giving detailed information about her death and the details of her mother and even the exact address at which she still lived. All of which was verified as factual, days later.

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