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Emma Hardinge Britten

Emma Hardinge Britten was born in London in 1823. From an early age she displayed clairvoyant ability, but at the age of 32 she moved to New York to become an actress.

A year later she acurately predicted the sinking of the steamship Pacific, and was visited by a deceased passenger from the doomed steamship, which served to re-ignite her interest in Spiritualism. Emma quickly became a popular Spiritualist writer, lecturer and demonstrator across the United States.
Emma Hardinge Britten
In the late 1800's Emma Hardinge Britten and her husband worked to set up many Spiritualist missionaries in Australia and New Zealand. Although she is probably most famous for founding 'The Two Worlds' newspaper and also receiving the Seven Principles of Spiritualism from spirit which are still used by the Spiritualists' National Union. Emma passed into spirit in Manchester, England in 1899.

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