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Daniel Dunglas Home

Daniel Dunglas Home (1833-1886) was a famous Scottish physical medium, often referred to as D.D. Home, his surname was pronounced "Hume". Although he was born in the village of Currie, near Edinburgh, at an early age Daniel Dunglas Home moved away from Scotland with his aunt and uncle to live in Connecticut in the United States. Daniel Dunglas Home
There are many stories about Daniel seeing spirit when he was a child, including his recently deceased friend and also his mother who he saw in a vision where she told him the exact time of her death. He became famous for talking to the dead, along with his skill for moving objects around the room; including levitating himself.

Daniel Dunglas Home was unusual in that he had a diverse but strong ability as a clairvoyant, trance speaker, direct voice medium and also a physical medium. It is considered rare for a medium to have such a collection of developed talents.

He travelled across the world demonstrating his mediumship in front of scientists such as William Crookes, and other influencial people such as Queen Sophia of the Netherlands and Napoleon III, all were impressed with his mediumistic skills. Throughoutmost of his life Home had suffered from tuberculosis, from which he finally died at the age of 53.

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